The New Standard of Bathroom Safety

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In today’s digital world, technology touches all aspects of life – even our bathrooms. With the automation of homes, smart toilets have become increasingly common. But by having electrical components in the bathroom, one may wonder: is it safe?

A history of safe shower toilets

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Technology lies at the core of our shower toilets, and our in-house specialists develop cutting-edge components that unite electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical engineering. This creates stunning products that bring Hygiene, Comfort and Convenience in every bathroom experience.

Technology with a peace of mind

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From everyday homes to hotels, American Standard shower toilets are fitted with hygiene, comfort and convenience features, with safety of the users in mind. Slow-closing covers creates family-friendly bathrooms to avoid children’s small fingers from getting trapped or injured. While built-in safety systems cut of electricity to the main power and electrical components in the event of a current overload, short circuit, device failure or abnormal situations. These safety features prevent potential hazards, allowing you to go about your cleansing routines with a complete peace of mind.

As technology continues to advance, American Standard aims to raise the standard by creating beautiful, purposeful and safe bathroom solutions.

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