The New Standard of Bathroom Safety

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In today’s digital world, technology touches all aspects of life – even our bathrooms. With the automation of homes, smart toilets have become increasingly common. But by having electrical components in the bathroom, one may wonder: is it safe?

A history of safe shower toilets

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Safety is at the heart of American Standard. Upholding impeccable levels of health, safety and responsibility since 1875, it maintains top safety standards developed through years of rigorous testing, quality and innovation.

American Standard also leverages on the technological expertise of its sister brand INAX. Having introduced the first made-in-Japan shower toilet over 50 years ago, INAX has developed 400 quality criteria points which include 30 safety assurance tests and 80 lifelong durability tests. The same tests are adapted by American Standard to ensure the safety and durability of its shower toilets.

Engineered for assurance

Printed circuit boards of shower toilets have been designed and manufactured in-house for 25 years. Features such as the bidet dryer are built with flame-retardant materials while using a thermal controller to keep air at a precise temperature. In the event of failure, the dryer’s thermal fuse cuts off the heater’s electricity making sure the operating temperature does not exceed the heat resistance of the case.

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Technology lies at the core of our shower toilets, and our in-house specialists develop cutting-edge components that unite electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical engineering. This creates stunning products that bring Hygiene, Comfort and Convenience in every bathroom experience.

Technology with a peace of mind

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From everyday homes to hotels, American Standard shower toilets are fitted with hygiene, comfort and convenience features, with safety of the users in mind. Slow-closing covers creates family-friendly bathrooms to avoid children’s small fingers from getting trapped or injured. While built-in safety systems cut of electricity to the main power and electrical components in the event of a current overload, short circuit, device failure or abnormal situations. These safety features prevent potential hazards, allowing you to go about your cleansing routines with a complete peace of mind.

As technology continues to advance, American Standard aims to raise the standard by creating beautiful, purposeful and safe bathroom solutions.

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