What Will A Dream Destination Bathroom Look Like?

An unforgettable home away from home can take the form of plush beddings, infinity pools, gourmet food options and impeccable customer service. What about the bathroom? Have you ever wondered what a dream destination bathroom will look like?

Avid travellers will agree that a dream destination experience comes down to the smallest of details – Fluffy pillows, scented rooms, furry towels. Few will notice the subtle but persuasive influence the bathroom has on guests.

The bathroom is becoming one of the top reasons how an ordinary destination can take on the coveted title of a dream destination.

And rightly so for two simple reasons.

Firstly, in a world struggling for liveable area, space has become a much sought-after commodity. Space is a luxury! Homes are becoming smaller, and bathroom sizes are shrinking. Few homes can accommodate even a bathtub. It is no wonder that holiday makers awe at vacation destinations with spacious bathrooms with a bubble bath.

Dream destination bathroom 1
Dream destination bathroom 2

Secondly, we spend a hefty amount of time in the bathroom. And we really mean quite a substantial amount of time.

Traditionally a functional room for routine cleansing, the bathroom has evolved into a living space to spend more time in, be it personal or couple-time. With the surge in mobile usage, the average person also tends to bring their phones into the bathroom with them, accounting for an increased amount of time spent in this personal space. With so much private time spent in this utilitarian room, much has been done to make vacation bathrooms ‘liveable’, relaxing and convenient.

Dream destination bathroom 3

Convenience these days come guised in high-tech innovations investments in holiday destinations. What if a visit to the dream bathroom is a service-inspired one where the toilet greets you by self-opening its lid, serenading you with customizable music, warming you with a heated seat and does all your hygienic cleansing? Now if that isn’t the crème de la crème of a Dream Destination Bathroom, what is?

Dream destination bathroom 4

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