Ergonomics – The Most Overlooked Element In Your Bathroom

Good design evokes images of pleasing aesthetics, although marrying both form and function is de rigueur in space design, particularly in the bathroom. Many of us often disregard one very important element that makes all the difference: Bathroom ergonomics.

While achieving a pleasing design may precede over functionality for some, paying attention to the latter will save homeowners much hassle and frustration in their daily routine.

Can you weave in ergonomics, yet conceptualise an aesthetically pleasing bathroom that will reflect your lifestyle habits? Here are a number of ergonomic design considerations you should not overlook when planning a bathroom design.

In the Toilet Area

  1. Place the paper roll holder within reach

    The toilet paper holder should be installed slightly in front of the edge of the toilet bowl, such that you do not need to bend, stretch or twist your body in awkward positions to reach it. For bathrooms decked with e-bidets or shower toilets, handheld remote controls should also be placed within arm’s length reach as well for added convenience.

  2. Right height
    When selecting a new toilet, the ideal toilet height will depend on how tall you are, your physical needs and the way in which you get on or off the toilet. The goal is to select one with a height that allows you comfortably have both feet flat on the floor while seated and where you can stand up from the toilet with much ease.

    American Standard toilets are designed at a “right height” – the same height as a standard chair which makes getting on and off the toilet easier. Based on the ergonomic height of a chair which is between 350mm – 510mm, American Standard offers a suite of Right Height toilets which are designed to be within the ergonomic height range (between 400mm – 430mm, including the seat) that makes it convenient and effortless to get up from a seated position. This is especially important for the elderly, the pregnant and the disabled. If you are living in a home with multiple people and only one toilet, select a toilet that is a good compromise that will suit the needs of all members.

  3. Ergonomic fit contoured to your body
    Sometimes, we do spend a longer time sitting on the toilet bowl, so it is imperative that the seat is a comfortable one. Choose a seat that does not have a sharp edge on the inner rim to avoid havin