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5 Timeless and Trendy House Design Elements

No thanks to the busy lives we lead – as we hustle to get through our hectic schedules and barely set aside any “me time” – our homes naturally need to be a sanctuary of peace and quiet at the end of a manic work day. And nothing whispers “calm” and “comfort” better than a minimalist, timeless decor scheme. While a major overhaul of a living space may not be a realistic option for most, it might be worth incorporating soothing design elements that withstand the test of trends and lifestyle changes. With that in mind, here are some classic touches that will help keep your house’s design and functionality relevant through the years.



The concept of minimalism may not be new, as people have been decorating their homes in accordance to this theme for years. Think white accented colours, and simple, classic furnishings that are both modern and timeless. The key characteristics that define minimalism include monochromatic colours, clean, solid-tone furniture pieces and minimum countertop pieces. This style has been around for a long time for good reason too. Simple colours and clean designs keep a house looking modern and uncluttered, so the space is easy to maintain even after decades of being lived in. Minimalism also calls for a constant reviewing of the items in your home in order to keep it looking decluttered, indirectly helping you get rid of unnecessary possessions every once in a while.



Did you know, when it comes to timeless design, symmetry is at the forefront? Whether in the form of 19th Century Georgian architecture or in the modern day, symmetrical curves and angles have always been appealing to the eye. This mix of classic and modern styles is best-expressed in the symmetrical curves and angles found in the upcoming Kastello Collection by American Standard, which revolves around functionality and comfort to provide the best experience. The line boasts clean lines and unrivalled symmetrical design that is not only pleasing to the eye,but designed to universally fit the style of various types of houses and rooms. Plus, you can rest assured that the Kastello Collection provides not only the best design, but the most functional as well.

Clean Lines

Clean Lines

Tying in with symmetry is the need for clean lines if you’re looking for a long-lasting, trendy house design. With every renowned brand comes its simple trademark design – one that everyone recognises it by – like Chanel’s boy bag and their perfume bottles. Complicated patterns are generally avoided when it comes to a timeless pieces and therefore, keeping your furnishings’ lines clean and its shapes simple with a touch of a signature flare will help ensure that your home deco lasts through the years. Clean lines does not necessarily mean subtlety however. Instead, lines can be bold and definitive to add character to an otherwise bland piece of furniture. The Kastello and Acacia Evolution collections by American Standard both feature sharp, clean-cut lines that do just that for your home design. They encapsulate the essence of how having clean lines can add a modern, timeless touch to your home design.

Simple Colours and Patterns

Simple Colours And Patterns

Selecting colours and patterns may sound like a ridiculously straightforward thing to do, but it is definitely key to making or breaking the design of a home. If you are looking for timeless, then instead of going for fanciful or complicated colours and designs, pick a simple base colour – blacks, greys, whites – that can be layered upon to create a simple but striking duo-tone. With a simple base colour as a foundation, you can layer more vibrant shades over the years, and also work more flexibly with various furniture pieces of different colours. Simple patterns also keep the design of the house balanced so it stays interesting but doesn’t overwhelm the senses.

Contrast and Dynamism

Contrast And Dynamism

It may be tempting to deck your home with everything you see in a modern design magazine, but don’t forget that sometimes, a little vintage piece of furniture or wallpaper can add a whole lot of character. Old is definitely gold when used right, as they would have already withstood the test of time. The Quentin and Portsmouth collection from American Standard features some of the classic elements of the olden days. From copper tones to curved silverware and vintage-inspired shapes, these collections add a timeless touch to your home design by keeping the tradition of the mid-20th Century and interlacing that with a few modern touches.

Even as you select which design element is best to incorporate in your home, just remember to keep in mind the purpose of your design. It’s up to each person’s personal preference, but what you can consider is whether your aim is for maximum comfort, or timelessness, or even a combination of both.

These 5 key elements of a timeless design are simply guidelines to follow when designing your crib, but only you will know what design works best for you.