Protect What Matters Most.Start With HygieneCleanTM

We can all play a critical part in the fight against COVID-19 by starting with good personal hygiene – the first line of defense in protecting ourselves and our loved ones. At American Standard™, we remain committed in delivering safe, beautiful and purposeful products to promote better bathroom hygiene and improve family well-being. Our HygieneClean™ System is the new standard of safety in the bathroom, delivered by revolutionary technologies that effectively eliminate dirt and prevent bacteria growth, giving you a complete peace of mind.

7 Habits to BetterBathroom Hygiene

Wash Your Hands Frequently
Wash Your HandsFrequently

You can help protect yourself and your loved ones stay healthy by washing your hands often with EasyFLO that is purposefully designed with water-saving functions and easy controls that make hand washing a breeze!

Flush The Toilet After Every Use
Flush The ToiletAfter Every Use

On average, a toilet bowl is home to 3.2 million bacteria per square inch! And one easy flush is all you need for the safety of your health. Make it even easier with our sensor toilet. Wash away with just a single wave!

 Shower Frequently

Showering frequently not only keeps grime and germs away, it can also be a great experience with American Standard™ Auto Temperature Mixer Shower System. Designed with intuitive controls and pre-set temperature function for your ultimate convenience, cleanliness and safety!

Clean Your ToiletThoroughly

E. coli is one of the many bacteria found in feces (and toilets) that can cause gut-related and respiratory infections. Keep bacteria at bay with American Standard ComfortClean ceramic glaze with zinc oxide that effectively inhibits the growth of E.coli inside the toilet bowl.

Maintain Good Personal HygieneWhen Using The Toilet

Compared to hand-held trigger sprays, manual bidets and e-bidets offer hands-free options for a hygenic cleanse and keeps the toilet seat clean and dry. Any close contact with fecal matter or germs in the toilet is considerably reduced as the nozzles provide a more hygenic approach to personal cleansing.

Make Personal CleansingMore Hygienic

Eliminate the spread of oral-fecal transmission with American Standard suite of smart toilets and bidets that fit your lifestyle needs. Packed with the latest innovation and technologies, all you need is just one touch of a button to help give you a complete peace of mind.

Clean And Disinfect HighTouchpoints Regularly

Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces to reduce the transfer of bacteria all around the bathroom. American Standard collection of bathroom products are designed with the latest HygieneClean technologies. Raising the standard for improved protection and well-being for everyone.