FFAS4955 701500 BT0
FFAS4955 701500 BT0 A 6110 978 908 AT
FFAS4955 701500 BT0
FFAS4955 701500 BT0 A 6110 978 908 AT

EasySet Exposed Shower Auto Temperature Mixer with Integrated Rainshower Kit

Model No.: FFAS4955-701500BT0; FFAS4955-701500BT0
  • Auto Temperature Mixer (ATM) with German thermostatic cartridge ensuring quality in temparature control for your own comfort and safety
  • Premium Grade Plastic body with cool touch design
  • Strong Brass Body
Features & Technologies


Body of faucet stays cool and prevents scalding shocks.


Provides a constant and comfortable temperature.


Dial adjusts water volume easily and offers daily convenience at the push of a button.


Safety temperature control up to 49°C, with an auto shut-off function when cold water supply fails.


Hand shower holder that allows you to easily adjust its height, single-handedly.


Starts shower at the push of a button which is preset to your previous shower settings.


Creates extra usable space in the bathroom.

Auto Temperature Mixer Demo Video - Sub Thai
EasySet Exposed VDO - Sub Thai
Collections EasySET
Style Modern
Product Type Auto Temperature Mixers
Color White
Installation Wall Mount
Mono/Mixer Mixer