Reduce Contact with GERMS. Protect your LOVED ones American Standard Responds to Consumer Trends in the New Normal Era Strengthening the Brand Leadership in Sanitary Ware with HygieneClean Technology

Reduce Contact with GERMS. Protect your LOVED ones American Standard Responds to Consumer Trends in the New Normal Era Strengthening the Brand Leadership in Sanitary Ware with HygieneClean Technology

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Bangkok, 9 July 2020 – If you are planning your next bathroom renovation, do consider the scope beyond just design, aesthetics and budget. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home that is shared by multiple household members and guests. Hence, the bathroom requires frequent cleaning to keep it clean, free of bacteria and mould. While we cannot avoid this chore, it makes sense when considering renovating the bathroom, to choose products, materials and a design that makes cleaning the bathroom easy and quick so you can spend less time cleaning and more precious time with families and friends.

Your next visit to a sanitary ware shop, don’t just look at the design and price tag alone. Spend some time understanding how products are designed to increase the level of hygiene management such as flushing technologies and performances, special coating on ceramic surfaces that prevent stains, rimless design to prevent dirt trap.

American Standard, a world leader in sanitary ware with over 140 years of heritage, reveals that COVID-19 has significantly altered the course of the world. Consumers are learning to maintain high standards of hygiene, paying more attention to their personal hygiene. The need for ‘Hygiene’ will surge the overall demand for products and technologies like touchless faucets, Shower toilets, IoT enabled solutions.

American Standard has been voted as Thailand’s Most Admired Brand for 4 consecutive years. With a clear vision of providing healthier, safer, and beautiful bathrooms the brand aims to focus on bathroom hygiene through its proprietary technology called HygieneClean.

The brand offers cutting edge technologies like-

  • SiphonMax flushing technology with Power Rim features a dynamic vacuum mechanism with side water jets to create a powerful swirl
  • With its rimless design and two water ejection holes, Double Vortex allows for efficient flushing performance while minimizing water usage
  • Aqua ceramic is an award-winning super-hydrophilic technology that prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to ceramic surfaces
  • Comfort Clean is a revolutionary ceramic glaze with zinc oxide that effectively kills E. coli bacteria inside the toilet bowl for the long term and beyond

The “Contactless Smart Hygiene” campaign from the American Standard brand was launched in May delivering the key message “Less touch equals better hygiene” and focused on shower toilets, E-bidet and sensor faucets.

New In! American Standard introduces its latest smart toilet Aerozen G2 the latest smart toilet, designed with the full “HygieneClean System”, provide the highest level of toilet’s efficiency and cleanliness so you can be rest assured of your family well-being at all time. Another important highlight demonstrating the commitment to hygiene care is the use of anti-bacterial material on the seat, cover, nozzle and remote control. Particularly, its seat has been certified by the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles, or SIAA ISO 22196 for KOHKIN, which is the standard for antibacterial efficiency with ISO 22196 assessment system.

When it comes to design, Aerozen G2 was designed without chinks and joints resulting in a beautiful and seamless surface, not only designed to look modern but also prevent the accumulation of waste residues in between joints. Its elongated bowl design offers great comfort to the user.

Best Seller! PLAT smart toilet comes with an automatic opening/closing seat & cover, thus reducing any contact with the product. PLAT is also designed with the full “HygieneClean System”, this best seller model is the perfect model for any bathroom.

As part of the brand commitment to providing our consumers with a hassle-free experience, American Standard is currently offering a promotion of free installation by a team of professional technicians as part of the Contactless Smart Hygiene campaign at all American Standard authorized retailers nationwide. Promotion ends 31st October 2020.

For more information, visit American Standard authorized retailers nationwide, or contact us via Facebook: American Standard Thailand, or call 02-102-2222.