American Standard’s Contactless Technology to Raise Bar on Bathroom Hygiene

American Standard’s Contactless Technology to Raise Bar on Bathroom Hygiene

American Standard promotes good hygiene for Thais by introducing The “Contactless Smart Hygiene” campaign

American Standard PLAT

Bangkok, 18 May 2020 – Having good health is of utmost importance amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic. Although infections in Thailand are declining, proper healthcare and basic self-protection remains essential and must be maintained continually. American Standard, a world leader in sanitary ware, is very much aware of the well-being of users, always adhering to its brand promise of “Raising The Standard”.

As a part of this, the well-known brand has introduced a range of smart hygiene features for its new sanitary ware products under the campaign, “Contactless Smart Hygiene”. This shows American Standard’s strong commitment to becoming a First Mover in response to the rising “Contactless is the new normal” trend in Thailand’s sanitary ware market.

The “Contactless Smart Hygiene” campaign delivers a selection of hygiene technologies, including smart toilet bowl, electronic seat, and cold water sensor faucet that protect users from potentially having contact with disease-causing germs. American Standard believes avoiding direct contact means raising the bar for hygiene. This initiative is part of the “I Love Spalet” campaign, emphasizing the innovative and special product attributes of the seat and the automatic toilet bowl of American Standard.

American Standard Contactless Smart Hygiene Campaign

Smart Toilet

  • New Arrival! Aerozen G2 smart toilet by American Standard is equipped with an automated flushing system, with a seamless design that helps eliminate unnecessary chinks and joints while preventing the formation of stains. An elongated toilet bowl and its complementary seat allow for greater comfort while effectively minimizing possible contact with the unsanitary sections inside.

    The Aerozen G2 smart toilet also comes with “HygieneClean System”, a cutting-edge technology developed exclusively for American Standard. It features SiphonMax powerful flushing technology with side water jets to create a powerful swirl that evacuates heavy and light waste completely. Additionally, Aqua Ceramic prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to the ceramic surface. Moreover, American Standard uses a special coating substance called Comfort Clean that provides long-lasting protection against bacteria and germs inside the toilet bowl, including E.coli, while effectively preventing dirt and undesirable odours on the surface of sanitary ware. Another highlighted feature of the Aerozen G2 is the use of anti-bacterial material on the seat, cover, nozzle and remote control. Its seat, in particular, has been certified by the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles, or SIAA ISO 22196 for KOHKIN, which is the standard for antibacterial efficiency. It also complies with a standard under the ISO 22196 assessment system and sustainable growth set by the International Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (ISAC) which is the strict testing that has been used since 1998.

    Taking sanitary hygiene of the Aerozen G2 to a new level is Posterior Cleansing which offers a strong, direct spray for a thorough cleanse before and after use.

New Arrival American Standard Aerozen G2 1
New Arrival American Standard Aerozen G2 2
  • PLAT smart toilet comes with an automatic opening/closing seat and flushing system to reduce direct contact with the toilet bowl. Its “HygieneClean System” features SiphonMax powerful flushing technology and Aqua Ceramic preventing the deposition of dark stains. Other components including seat, cover, nozzle and remote control take toilet hygiene to a higher level with the use of anti-bacterial materials. For a more relaxing experience in privacy, PLAT can produce a melodic sound.
American Standard PLAT
  • Acacia Evolution smart toilet presents innovative cleaning technology with an automatic opening/closing seat and flushing system for enhanced hygiene and contactless experience. It is also technologically equipped with a SiphonMax powerful flushing system, Aqua Ceramic anti-stain glaze, and safe touch-points with anti-bacterial seat, cover, nozzle and remote control.
American Standard Acacia Evolution


  • American Standard E-Bidet system reduces the need for direct contact with the toilet bowl and the use of a bidet sprayer with the help of Pristine Star (remote control version) and Pristine (side control panel version). Both bidet versions are equipped with Quick Detach Seat Cover, which is designed to allow seat cover to be easily detached for convenient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Its double nozzle design enhances user experience before and after use of the toilet bowl and comes equipped with a feminine cleaning function. The anti-bacterial materials of seat, cover, nozzle and remote control also ensure a higher level of hygiene. In addition, both E-Bidet versions feature a One Touch Cleansing function that activates the complete process, including spraying, cleansing and drying, at the touch of a button.
American Standard Pristine Star E Bidet

Sensor Faucet

  • Line-Sensor electronic cold water faucet equipped with electricity usage reduces the need for direct contact and protects users against disease-causing germs. A smooth and gentle water flow comes out of the faucet with the help of 64 sensor points. Designed to be more eco-friendly, its water stop function activates after a longer than 59-second use.
  • Selectronic Caste Spout electronic cold water faucet equipped with battery usage enables hygienic “hands-free” operation with a precise infrared control system. Its filter can be easily dismantled for convenient cleaning. Users can help the world to save water with the faucet’s water stop function, which activates after longer than 59-second use.
American Standard Line Sensor
American Standard Selectronic Caste Spout

American Standard is committed to helping everyone to achieve good health and well-being by reducing the risk of potentially infectious contact. The brand has launched a special promotion under the campaign, “Contactless Smart Hygiene”: participating products come with free installation by a team of experienced technicians from now until 31st July 2020. For more information, contact American Standard authorized retailers nationwide, or via Facebook: American Standard Thailand, or call 02-102-2222.