American Standard Encourages Consumers to Raise the Level of Hygiene Standard in the bathroom space.

American Standard Encourages Consumers to Raise the Level of Hygiene Standard in the bathroom space. A new brand campaign, “Seamless Hygiene”, is launched with a “Level up!” theme, providing upgraded hygiene and comfort with a seamless finish

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Bangkok, 17 August 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every individual way of living, forcing individual to actively transition to the New Normal. A noticeable change that we observed globally is the improvement in standard of hygiene living; causing the demand for hygiene solutions to grow with an exemplary growth rate.

We are observing an increase in the virtual workspaces as more companies are encouraging their employees to operate from home. As a result of this, the most frequently used and touched space at home by family members include the bathroom areas, which easily harbor bacteria if not cleaned and disinfected regularly.

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American Standard, a world leader in sanitary ware, recognizes the importance of delivering bathroom hygiene in response to the New Normal. As part of the brand promise to delivering the highest level of hygiene promise through its proprietary technology “HygieneClean”, American Standard’s design aims at communicating the benefit of having a seamless design water closet, visible in its latest campaign, “Seamless Hygiene”.

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In this campaign, American Standard emphasizes on 4 Level up!’ elements to reach a higher level of sanitary hygiene and comfort with a seamless finish:

  • Level up! Hygiene Thanks to the seamless finish, the accumulation of bacteria growth hidden in between parts is eliminated. With HygieneClean System, a cutting-edge technology developed exclusively for the American Standard, users are assured of a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene that protects them from bacteria and germs.

    The “HygieneClean System” features four innovative technologies promoting the cleanliness and hygiene of sanitary ware. SiphonMax powerful flushing technology comes with side water jets to create a powerful swirl that evacuates heavy and light waste completely. Double Vortex offers a rimless flushing system that effectively cleans the entire bowl interior and prevents dirt from building up — with a single flush. Aqua Ceramic prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to the ceramic surface. Comfort Clean provides long-lasting protection against bacteria and germs, including E.coli, inside the toilet bowl while effectively preventing dirt and undesirable odours on the surface of the sanitary ware.

  • Level up! Peace of Mind No worries of water leakages between water tank and bowl providing you with peace of mind & hassle-free maintenance.
  • Level up! Performance Powerful yet efficient flushing mechanism provides immediate removal of all waste materials.
  • Level up! Design New technology meets timeless design providing ergonomic comfort and a tastefully elegant finish.
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he seamless one-piece water closet design provides not only beautiful and purposeful bathroom solutions, but also clean and hygienic comfort for a better quality of life. Choose from a wide range of models to suit your personal space design from modern classic to contemporary or modern with guaranteed superior performance and hygiene from the American Standard brand.

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A special promotion for customers planning to purchase a new water closet – American Standard is now offering a choice of free demolition and installation services or opt for 0% interest free for 6 months. Choose from 10 participating models including our latest collection, The Signature and Acacia Supasleek, the popular IDS Clear, Neo Modern, Milano, Kastello, amongst the models. Seamless Hygiene promotion starts from 16 August until 30 November 2020.

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For more information, please visit our authorized retailers nationwide. Alternatively, check out our Facebook page: American Standard Thailand, or call 02-102-2222.