The Timeless Bathroom

Just like fashion trends, bathroom trends have the danger of coming and going which is why when you are creating your dream space it’s important to keep one thought in mind. How do I create a personal but timeless bathroom?

After investing money, time and love into coordinating your bathroom you don’t want to later regret design choices, which is why we are here to offer advice on some of the best ways to reflect your own style in ways that will remain timeless.

The Bathroom Essentials

When looking at the heros of your bathroom (mirror, basin, toilet) it is important to look for soft lines and balanced proportion, which are essential to modern design. American Standard’s Acacia Evolution Collection offers modern technology and aesthetically pleasing, luxurious designs.

Make your basin the hero of your bathroom by using a vessel basins. These modern basins not only look great but they’ll give you plenty of storage for years to come. By being set above the counter, these basins free up space in your vanity. Choosing the right mirror for your bathroom is an important step. Although modern trends have seen large, oversized mirrors the classic clean cut rectangular mirror above a stand alone ceramic vanity as an elegance that will never go out of fashion.


Picking the right tiles is so important in creating a classic home bathroom interior. They are a way to bring luxury and style to any sized bathroom. Yet again, neutral tones are a great way to ensure your tiles will never go out of fashion, but if done correctly a feature tile wall could add some personality and flair to the space. Subway tiles are a great choice, coming in a variety of colours or styles including marble to add texture to the space.

Materials & Textures

The materials to use in your bathroom are stone, wood and ceramic as they are not only long lasting and easy to maintain but bring a sense of luxury and quality to the space. When choosing the staples of your bathroom such as your basin, shower and vanity go for clean lines and traditional shapes that will never go out of style.


Let there be light. Nobody wants a damp, dark space so if you are just beginning to build or relocate your bathroom make sure it’s on an outside wall with a window. However if this option is not available don’t fret, an alternative is installing a skylight that will allow the flow of air and natural light.

By following these guidelines you can ensure that your bathroom reflects your personal style but has the essential features and fixtures to remain timeless for years to come.