Our Top Picks for 2018 Bathroom trends

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With renovating on the rise, now has never been a better time to reinvent your bathroom! Your bathroom design should complement the rest of your home and add to your overall design concept. Updating a bathroom adds significant value to your home. So, whether you’re living in a tiny terrace or a sprawled-out Queenslander a fresh new bathroom is worth its weight in gold.

With trends changing yearly it’s important that you’re up to date with the latest bathroom styles! Here’s our run down of bathroom trends for 2018:

1. Compact Living

With the Australian residential building boom, there’s been an increased number of people downsizing and making the move to a low maintenance, compact style of living. Moving forward designers are looking at how to accommodate smaller living spaces without compromising luxury and style. American Standard’s toilet and shower kit are the modern embodiment of compact living and fulfil your need for luxury, and style.

2. Colour Trends

Contemporary colour selection is often determined by the overarching colour scheme running through your home décor. In the bathroom popular earthy colours (ash, forest green and beige) are paired with single colour ceramic tiles to create colour stories in a modern bathroom.

3. Stand-alone baths and basins

The contemporary elegance and structured architecture of the modern bath will make it a focal point in any newly designed bathroom. Baths and basins have become the hero piece of modern bathroom design, adding to the aesthetics and functionality of a bathroom. American Standard’s Acacia Evolution Vessel Basin uses simple clean lines and a minimalist design to stand out as the new focal point in your bathroom.

4. Functionality is key

We’re living in a fast-paced world, where time is a valuable commodity. Modern bathroom design should offer both style and functionality, helping reduce time consuming tasks like cleaning. Acacia Evolution Toilets are the perfect addition to any modern bathroom. Not only do they look great but they’re designed with Double Vortex flushing technology which washes waste away while cleaning the bowel at the same time.

Ready to renovate? These new trends should get you thinking about the bathroom that you’ve always wanted! Visit American Standard’s website or follow us on Instagram for more inspiration!