How to Build Your Dream Bathroom

Don’t know how to design a dream bathroom? Here are some useful tips from American Standard’s VP of Design, Antoine Besseyre des Horts.

The blueprint for a dream home will always come with a perfect bathroom. Bathrooms no longer just function as a shower space, they have since evolved to become living spaces. In today’s often stressful and chaotic lives, the bathroom plays a very important role. It has turned into the only space in the household where you can indulge in some personal time to relax, rejuvenate, and re-energize.

So how does one design a dream bathroom?

Through a thoughtful layout and arrangement of fixtures, materials, colors, and lighting, the bathroom can offer a sophisticated balance between convenience and individual comfort.

“The dream bathroom must be easy to use and clean, ergonomic, safe, provide a sense of well-being, and express one’s personal style,” says Antoine.

“Also, because of the global urbanization phenomenon, space is becoming a luxury so we are increasingly looking for solutions which allow us to optimize it, and at the same time, offer storage solutions.”

Here are some things to consider while planning your dream bathroom – one that will resonate perfectly with the host and guests alike.

Layout and Functionality

Layout and functionality

Understanding the available space in the bathroom is the very first step. Start by taking some precise measurements and take into account the available sizes and typologies of toilet, basin, vanity, shower as well as bathtub for your required space. Consider who uses the bathroom, how often they visit it, and allow for easy access areas for amenities. Plan adequate space around bathroom fixtures so users are comfortable. Defining the right height for the sink and a suitably-sized vanity ensure comfort and adequate storage space.

“A floor standing vanity will offer more storage options but a wall mounted one can help the bathroom appear bigger in terms of visible floor space. Ideally, you should also plan some storage around the showering and toilet areas to store toiletries and housekeeping products,” adds Antoine.

For those who don’t have the luxury of bathroom space to accommodate both shower area and a bathtub, you can incorporate an overhead shower over the bathtub and enjoy the best of both worlds. Add a curtain or glass panel to prevent water from splashing out of the tub area.

With a humid environment like the bathroom, bad smells and mold can be a concern. If your bathroom doesn’t come with a window, deter mold and smells with a ventilation fan.

Good Lighting

Good lighting

The bathroom has evolved to become a place of retreat and rejuvenation for the body and mind. It is a multi-purpose space where people perform various bathing, cleansing and housekeeping rituals in different areas. Lighting is therefore very important as it can affect the way we feel and behave as well as how the space is perceived. Choose the right lighting solution based on the activities and rituals you are performing in the different areas.

Makeup, grooming and cleansing takes place around the basin area, so direct and overhead lighting with intensity control is particularly useful.

In the bath and shower area, an indirect and diffused lighting will help you to relax and indulge in your personal ritual. Natural light revitalizes and supports one’s natural daily rhythms. A skylight in your bathroom will definitely elevate the showering experience. If you can’t have a lot of natural light, there are light fixture options that can closely mimic the daylight effect.

Motif, Color, Texture

Motif color texture

The bathroom is a personal space and should reflect your personality! Choose colors, patterns and textures which matches your style and enhance the layout without compromising on functionality and maintenance.

Spend time choosing the right colors as they can affect your mood and space perception. Light colors will reflect light and make the space feel more inviting, larger, and more open. On the contrary, dark colors absorb light and tend to make the space look smaller and denser.

Applying colors of the same hues in different areas of the bathroom will help to visually harmonize the space, making it look bigger. Contrasting colors break up space and can make an area look smaller.

Muted tones will provide more coziness to the space while vibrant ones – warm or cool – will provide a more playful touch to the room and create some points of focus.

Patterns and textures need to be also carefully considered! They can be used to make an aesthetic statement or to trick the eye to make the room feel more spacious. However, some prints and textures can also create visual busyness and make the space look smaller. Use square or rectangular large-scale tiles to provide a modern, sophisticated and premium flair to the space while making it look bigger. Use small size tiles to add unique details, create accent walls or inject some playfulness into the room.

Luxury and Entertainment

Luxury and entertainment

Nowadays, luxury is less about extravagance and exclusivity and more about self-indulgence and self-transformation! You can tailor your bathroom by choosing from a wide variety of materials, colors, lighting and textures that will transform it into an elegant and sophisticated oasis of well-being. The latest innovations in showers, faucets and smart toilets will provide you with enhanced convenience and let you indulge in soothing and entertaining experiences.

Add a Soft Touch

Add a soft touch

Concrete confinements, especially for small bathrooms, may give off an uncomfortable sense of barren coldness. You can add softness and bring coziness to the environment by introducing warm and authentic materials such as stone and wood in the bathroom. Products featuring gentle surfaces and edges will make the overall environment more inviting. Natural light or diffused and indirect lighting coupled with pastel tones on walls will also greatly enhance the relaxing atmosphere. Window treatments like shades, blinds, and shutters add a soft touch while maintaining privacy, light control, moisture, and humidity. Create interest by adding plants, accessories or furniture to emphasize that the bathroom is not only dedicated to your personal hygiene, but it is indeed a true living space.

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