Design an easy-to-clean bathroom

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If you’re designing a new bathroom or renovating your old one, the ease of cleaning can often be an afterthought when it comes to the overall design. To minimise hard work in the long-term and save costs on cleaning materials, start by designing the space according to how easy it is to maintain and clean. Coupled with some easy-to-clean fixtures and American Standard’s innovative technology, you can transform your bathroom into a modern haven that is (almost) self-cleaning!


The less nooks and crannies means less narrow and awkward spaces, ultimately minimising the chances of dust and residue building up. This will save time and effort in trying to clean hard to reach spaces, in-turn enhancing the streamlined aesthetic of a modern bathroom.


Toilets are renowned for being the worst item on your bathroom’s cleaning to-do list, it can be messy and time-consuming! Back-to-wall toilets are a genius innovation to avoid those fickle spaces between the wall and toilet that are difficult to reach and clean. Take modern bathroom design to the next level with a self-cleaning toilet! American Standard’s Acacia Evolution toilets are designed with a Double Vortex flushing system that flushes waste away and cleans the bowl at the same time.


Apart from being extremely on-trend, large tiles are an excellent choice for taking the hard work out of cleaning your bathroom. Large tiles minimise the use of grout which means less scrubbing and mopping to remove dirt and mold build-up. Alternatively, groutless floors such as rendered concrete make cleaning a breeze as well as adding a modern, industrial touch to the room.

Tub and Shower

Avoid that awkward space between the bath and wall by installing a freestanding tub. This is an excellent alternative to banish extra tiles and grout that inset baths usually require. As for the shower, design a frameless addition such as walk-in space to improve efficiency of glass cleaning.


Raised or floating cabinetry, vanities and even toilets make cleaning underneath and around them a time-saving chore, not to mention less bending over. It also allows for ample access to mopping the floor – a win, win solution!

It all begins with strategic choice and planning of bathroom fundamentals to reduce cleaning in the future. By taking inspiration from these suggestions, you can design the modern bathroom of your dreams knowing that it looks good and saves you time and effort