3 important elements of a modern bathroom

3 important elements of a modern bathroom

In 2018 bathroom renovations are rife with modern design. While it may be hard to choose what bathroom design is best for your home, here at American Standard we look for three very important design elements. We’ve taken the guesswork out of bathroom design and listed the most important elements to look for in your new bathroom.

Lasting Quality

In each collection, American Standard has maintained a lasting quality, achieved through the use of quality tested product materials and manufacturing processes. Despite the emphasis on modern design all bathroom products should be built to last. It’s important that you invest in a quality design that you can depend on today and be confident in for a lifetime.

Superior Performance

For over 140 years American Standard has promised superior performance to all our customers. Here at American Standard we ensure all our products offer worry free performance so our customers have confidence that they’re investing in quality. Our Acacia Evolution collection boasts a powerful, high performing flushing system in each toilet, with anti bacterial touch points to prevent any nasty germs.

Inviting Style

It is important to combine function with well-designed form. When searching for modern bathroom designs, look for products that offer a style that is personal, approachable and aesthetically pleasing. American Standard’s Acacia Evolution Collection offers modern design through soft lines and balanced proportions, creating a modern bathroom that stands the test of time.

If you’re looking to add a modern touch to your bathroom then the Acacia Evolution Collection was made for you! Not only does it encompass these three design elements it is also equipped with the latest technological for all your bathroom needs! Happy renovating!